The Disclosure Project| The Mystœry Schools |
TDP cvr

The THIRD and greatest (thus far) collection of transmissions from the Neptunian Trio from Trident.  Bear witness with your very own ears to this supersonic alien invasion, sheer clear proof of extracurricular extravagantly extraordinary extraterrestrials!   Hear for yourself, very NEW sounds, never before heard by human ears!!  Produced by their elected humanoid candidate and representative, Akira Mishima, it is an artwork of sheer delight, eagerly awaiting taking you along for a psychedelic journey.  With artwork provided by Christopher Robin and M.K.altRA, which seem to capture the ‘nature’ of the recordings contained therein eerily well.  Containing audible bits of wisdom from some of their favorite historical humanoid orators, including Bill Hicks, Jordan Maxwell, and Stephen Hoeller.