Hyper Fire Records is owned and operated by Chris Cooley and is currently run out
of the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles CA

HFR was started as an offshoot from Chris’s “LosersOnline” project around 1998 in
Portland OR. It later became a personal label through which Chris would promote
his first Kuen record.

After releasing a subsequent 4 additional Kuen records through Hyper Fire, when
Chris started preparing to release the first Mephisto record he decided to Continue
the Hyper Fire legacy…

Though Chris has been involved in the production of their recordings, “The
Disclosure Project” is the first outside group to have been added to the Hyper Fire

CD pressings are made of our records and distributed in a selective and somewhat
secretive fashion. One place they can be guaranteed to appear is at Neptune Films
screenings. We do plan to in the not too distant future start making some vinyl
pressings of select recordings, which will be available in super secret places as
well… and possibly, maybe, one day.. on the website.

However, due to steadily increased interest, and an occasional lack of funds/energy
to make new pressings, we have decided to open our doors to the general public,
and allow for any and everyone to peruse our discography, give a listen here or
there, and if you hear something you like, feel free to download it and take it with
you wherever you like to truly sit back and take in music the best.

We do, however, recommend for those of you with a fast enough computer and/
or internet connection, and enough hard drive space (which, on both counts,
should be all of you these days, at least those of you that have made your way
to this site…) that for whichever group/album you choose to listen to, please
download the entire record, and at least once, listen to it in order, in its entirety.

For those of you that can afford such things, and feel they have truly enjoyed/taken
something away from the music, there are donation options available. Your support
is unspeakably appreciated, and will go towards future recordings.
All questions, comments, love & hate mail can be directed to

三島 明


know thyself