Hyper Fire Records is owned and operated by Chris Cooley and Richard Johnson in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. HFR began as an offshoot from Chris’s “LosersOnline” project around 1998 in Portland OR.  It would later become a label through which Chris would promote and release the first “Kuen” record. After releasing a subsequent 4 additional Kuen records through Hyper Fire, when Chris starting preparing to release the first Mefisto (“Mephisto” at the time) record, it was decided to continue the Hyper Fire Legacy. Now, the Hyper Fire Family grows as more collaborators become part of the roster, including the newest, Richard Johnson’s own minimalist electronic project: “R-K-D“. Hyper Fire began by distributing CDs through select and secretive channels, generally very indie record shops and Neptune Films screenings, sharing MP3s occasionally as well.  HFR has now grown to be pressing high quality vinyl, while still distributing CDs and MP3s, as well as occasional indie cassette releases. Check out our online store to see what pressings and merch are currently in stock, and we currently have a number of digital releases available through Bandcamp.  The new Mefisto release “Pentacle” will be our first available through Amazon & iTunes October 2016! All questions, comments, love & hate mail can be directed to HyperFireRecords@gmail.com

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