New Hyper Fire Records page on BandCamp!

5:11 pm by Chris. Filed under: News

Greetings, Hyper Hyperions… today’s news item includes HFR’s new BandCamp page (currently still in the works, but feel free to check out our progress during the process!) ~> hyperfirerecords.bandcamp.com

On this bandcamp page, which we intend to integrate with the individual album pages on this site, we plan on housing all the most recent & cleanest mastered releases of all Hyper Fire recording artists, which will be available to stream for free or download for cheap, from your computer or smart phone type device whenever and wherever you want! [When you purchase a physical cd, you will also be given a code to download a digital version from the site for free] This means our ‘Out of Print’ albums/records will now become available through the bandcamp site as well!

All full length albums will be available for a mere $7 ea.! All EPs will be available for $4 ea.! And any, ANY individual songs will be available to download for you to take with you and play whenever you want, and give to whoever you want, for a mere $1.00 each!

Each album will continue to be available to stream in sequence in it’s entirety here on the HFR site on the individual album pages for FREE. You only pay if/when you want to download!

We still highly encourage free public trading / torrenting / downloading / etc of any and all of our music. And for those that want to download our albums without paying for them, there are still places they can be found AND our SoundCloud page will continue to be updated with FREE individual tracks to download. (including this week’s new track which will be featured at the bottom of this post)

However, for those of whom are interested in showing a little love/respect/support, it will now be immensely easy to do so. Remember, each dollar you spend is like a vote you cast. Do you want to keep voting for the same corporate swill over and over again? Of course not… So if you find a track or an album or an artist that you dig, why not throw some funds the artist’s way so they know you connected!

ALSO This Week’s new ‘HFR’ F R E E download is now available on SoundCloud, and is by “The Disclosure Project” from the upcoming album “The Mystœry Schools” and features some words by Chris’s much respected teacher/friend/colleague Dr. Stephen A. Hoeller. Check it out!