Mefisto News ~ “Odd I See” video part 1 is released! New Live Cassette Soon!

2:58 pm by Chris. Filed under: News

Much Mefisto news. First off, Mefisto has a new Youtube channel, launched with the first of a series of musical journeys called “The Odd I See”. Chapter 1 is available for your viewing and listening pleasure now!

Also in Mefisto news, they have a new Live Audio Cassette release called “Zone Dwellers” to be released within the next couple of weeks. The first of a series of cassettes featuring bootleg live recordings. These will be seperate from, or rather in addition to, studio albums (the new one of which should be recorded later this year). So stay tuned for that, the tape release will be very limited, but it will be available for download as well.

If you need help keeping up to date with Mefisto news, they have a new Twitter account (MefistoMusic777) and a new webpage: www.Mefisto.rocks

and don’t forget to like them on facebook if you haven’t already!


Ouroboros” by Mefisto available now!