12/12/12 is here! NEW album from THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT!

1:14 pm by Chris. Filed under: News

“The Mystœry Schools” is finally here and available for your listening pleasure! This new album by HFR’s “The Disclosure Project“, over a year in the making, is a Sonic Masterpiece! And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you finally!


You can stream it online for free, or download & burn/trade/whathaveyou for a mere $7! (cheap!)

as an added 12/12/12 BONUS! For any and all friends&fans that PURCHASE the album TODAY (BEFORE MIDNIGHT! 12:00!) we will send you a CD for FREE when they are pressed next month! that includes FREE SHIPPING!

When was the last time you purchased some interesting new music? Let along showed some support to some underground artists… why not do both!

The Mystœry Schools