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Mefisto (aka Mephisto)
Christ Cooleye: Vocals/Guitar/Oragan
Dave Alvarado: Bass Guitar
Clinton Cameron: Drums

Ouroboros” by Mefisto available now!

MEFISTO is an Art Rock / Doom Funk Power Trio from Los Angeles.  Formed in the Silver Lake neighborhood, comprised of singer & guitarist Christ Cooleye, bassist David Alvarado, & drummer Clinton Cameron


Mefisto - Band 2


Origin: 156805_1611425120110_4846475_n

Mefisto started in 2007 (originally under the title “Mephisto”) as a way for Cooleye to send songs to an out of town lover.  The original 4 song EP was then joined by 4 more songs and put out as an 8 song EP entitled “Low Fidelity”.  Cooleye used the infrastructure he had setup for Kuen to make Mefisto cds, which sold out quickly at Neptune Films screenings.



Christ then moved and took “Mephisto” to Berlin, where he performed solo and recorded the album “Songs of Lust and Misanthropy” with a minimalist setup.  Upon returning to Los Angeles in 2008, Cooleye continued writing and recording.  It was around this time he was introduced to Clinton Cameron, by eventual sometimes collaborator Renee Dawson.  (Both Cameron and Alvarado were playing with Renee at this time, however David and Christ would not be formally introduced until years later).


831220106_196a62c705_oIn early 2009 Hyper Fire released the more ‘electrified’ album “Inevitable Human Drama”.  It was in October of this year that Christ got in a severe motorcycle wreck, from which he is still recovering.

Cooleye was essentially down for the count for a couple years.  (Unable to move much or play guitar, he began work on the analogue synth experiment “The Disclosure Project”).  As Christ slowly recovered, he regained his ability to play his various instruments, and began collaborative efforts such as “Judeye” and “Death Trip”.


Finally in 2012, Cooleye would return to work on Mefisto (having simplified the “PH” to an “F, at the earlier behest of Death Trip collaborator Colin Kramer, and then designing and creating the Mefisto “Star” logo, with the help of Graphic Artist Gom Fom), picking up where he left off with the many songs left partially finished when he got in his wreck.  In December of that year, he compiled what would become Hyper Fire Records’ first actual vinyl pressing.



The following year, Mefisto’s “Our.oboros” would finally be released, and Christ for the first time began putting together the actual live band for Mefisto.  Briefly experimenting with an acoustic group, comprised of Craig Casey on Drums/Cajon, and Dayne Colby on Bass, in 2014 the band switched back to electrics and a heavier sound.  Soon thereafter that trio fizzled, and Christ began jamming with Clinton (as they had long discussed doing).  Clinton Cameron is known for playing with bands such as Fishbone, English Beat, George Clinton, & Ozomatli. Renee then (re)introduced Christ & David Alvarado, who is known for playing with Kind Hearts & Coronets, Naked Hand Dance, and Subset Junction. Soon thereafter, the true Mefisto power trio was born!

In late 2014, early 2015, the trio began performing shows together in the Los Angeles area.  Both songs from Our.oboros and earlier recordings, and new material as well.  In late summer 2015, they put out their first “Tape Club” compilation cassette of live recordings and demos, and went into the studio to begin work on what would become the new Mefisto album “Pentacle”.


Mefisto Pentacle color high web

Working with engineer Bradly Cook (The Dwarves, Foo Fighters), they recorded the foundation for the album at his studio “The Pink Castle” in Eagle Rock, and continued work on the album at their home studio in silver lake called “The Silver Ark”.  The album was then mixed by master mixer Alex Reverberi (Outkast, Eminem), and is slated to release on Vinyl, CD, & MP3 on October 31st 2016!  The first single from the album, “So It Goes” will be released this September!  (with video shot by Nathaniel Miller)

Mefisto’s second “Tape Club” release called “Fuzzy” is also slated to come out this October, and will be a part of International Cassette Store Day!  It is comprised entirely of new songs, most of a heavier “stoner rock” style.

13494881_1060591237353624_2900513443322506993_nChrist & David have since evolved to become the key songwriters of the band, working closely with Clinton to create a unique and evolving style.  They often create recording experiments at home in the Ark between studio and show bookings, occasionally creating video content for these as well.  With plans to begin working on new studio sessions soon, they also plan to do a West Coast tour for their upcoming album release “PENTACLE”!



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