| Kuen IV: Anxiously Awaiting Impact |


Another large step, in Chris’s opinion, in the evolution of Kuen.  Many favorites on this record.  Tracks 3 and 9 were inspired by and faithful adaptations of the song from Level 3 of “Castlevania”  By the Sea was inspired in part by the work of “Joe Hisaishi” and the film “a scene at the sea”.  “The Hallowed Fire” ended up becoming remixed for the soundtrack of Chris’s first 16mm short film “The Chinaman”, and “Lost” was for a time the Neptune films theme song, played with the logo animation at theatrical screenings.  “Dissolution” is a sort of reimagining of “Desolation/Indignation” from KII.  Track 12 is better heard than explained, I think.

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1. I Died in a Dream – Download

2. By the Sea – Download

3. Wicked Child – Download

4. The Hallowed Fire – Download

5. Lost (Neptune Films Theme) – Download

6. Midnighter – Download

7. Apprehension – Download

8. Minikin – Download

9. Wicked Child (Gunmetal Mix) – Download

10. Dissolution – Download

11. Empyrean – Download

12. My Favorite Things (w/ Bjork) – Download

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