| Kuen III: After Dark |


In the liner notes it states: “Compared to the first album, Kuen II was a bit softer. So with this album I wanted to return to a darker, harder, industrial sound” which is a fairly accurate description. “After Dark” was originally composed for a short horror film Chris wrote, but never shot. WYWYCF is a sort of remix of the song of the similar title off the first EP, but a nice improvement, and highly complimented composition. Click here to check out the video for the song “Subjection”.

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1. After Dark – Download

2. Subjection – Download

3. Abaddon – Download

4. Redemption – Download

5. The Art of Perserverance – Download

6. The March of Marduk – Download

7. What You Wish You Could Forget (New Mix) – Download

8. Murder – Download

9. The Choirs of Solutide – Download

10. Devil’s Requiem – Download

11. Dawn – Download

Liner Notes: