| Kuen II: Electronic Tempest |


In the liner notes this is stated as one of Chris’s favorite of the Kuen records (the other one being #V).  Many considered it a step up on many levels from the initial release.   Tracks 5 and 6 are different (and Chris considered, better) mixes of “A New Technology” and “The New Machine” from Kuen I.  Tracks 7 and 8 are large evolutionary steps in the style of Kuen, as well as Desolation/Indignation, which though a little rough around the edges, makes for an interesting two-part composition.  The latter of the two of which contain Chris’s first attempt at “programming” an electric guitar sound, since at this time he still had no ability to record at home, and though studying engineering at the time, did not have enough access to record all his instrumentation he would need, as he would do later with “Mephisto”.

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1. Diamonds – Download

2. Marionette – Download

3. Scum – Download

4. Stench – Download

5. Advanced Technology (new mix) – Download

6. Malfunction (new mix) – Download

7. Can you hear it? – Download

8. Someone who stood up – Download

9. The Bliss of Sorrow – Download

10. Desolation – Download

11. Indignation – Download

Liner Notes: