| Kuen I: Beginning of the End |


This is a collection of the first songs Chris wrote under the “Kuen” moniker, most of which were done between ’98 and ’00. They are pretty hard and edgy compared to later Kuen releases, and though it’s not as ‘chill’ as some of the following records, it’s not without it’s charm.

All songs written and performed by Chris Cooley.

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1. It Speaks – Download

2. Judgement Day (’98) – Download

3. Sadistic and Intelligent – Download

4. All That You Wish You Could Forget – Download

5. A Lesson in Killing – Download

6. A New Technology – Download

7. Sadistic and Intelligent (Rush Mix) – Download

8. The New Machine – Download

9. It Speaks (End Mix) – Download

Liner Notes: