“Kuen” is the work of Composer and Filmmaker Chris Cooley, the vast majority of which is sequenced with the various releases of “Fruity Loops” or “FL Studio” software, using sounds collected from a wide variety of sources.

Around 1998, frustrated with lack of access to decent live recording equipment, Chris began experimenting with composing music electronically.  One of the programs he started experimenting with was called “Fruity Loops”.  Armed only with access to a demo version, which would not allow you to save songs and return to them to work on them more later, after having lost his first couple attempts, he finally successfully exported a song (later dubbed, “Judgement Day”) .  A couple years later, once he gained better access to pirated software, Chris finally got a copy of the full program and began writing more songs.  Around 2001, Chris collected these early experiments onto a cd entitled “The Beginning of the End” under the name “Kuen”.  Kuen is the Cantonese word for “Fist”, but it is also used in martial arts to denote certain styles. (For instance, Wing Chun Kung Fu would be called “Wing Chun Kuen”.  That’s why if you watch Chinese kung fu movies, when they talk about what style they are going to use, the subtitle will say “I will defeat you using Huo Fist!”  Well, he’s saying “Huo Kuen”)

Around this time he started studying music full time, and grew weary of trying to keep bands together, let alone get them to practice.  So composing electronic music on his own grew increasingly more appealing.  He then started putting more time into Kuen, and soon there after came out with “Electronic Tempest”, which took Kuen to a whole new level.

Chris Cooley Kuen

Around the time of “After Dark”, Chris also started composing music for his burgeoning film production company “Neptune Films” as well, which would inspire various tracks on this record and many to follow. Kuen IV would bring not only more complex compositions, but more film inspired or inspiring tracks (including what would be re-interpreted to become “The Chinaman” soundtrack, as well as the song accompanying early Neptune Films logos at screenings) as well as even some odd ‘cover’ interpretations. Chris considers IV (if not III and II as well) to be “Industrial Hip-Hop”… but Kuen V would prove to be more Trip-Hop than anything else, and (at least in his opinion) the best Kuen recording to date.

Though his musical efforts are currently geared more towards “Mephisto“, “TDP” and occasionally “DeAthTriP”, there are a few solid un-released Kuen tracks, both new and old… that Chris plans to add to the site in the not too distant future.