Judeye| Soul RebelLion | 2011

This is the debut album by our latest group “Judeye”. (featuring D’jedi EL Ron and ¢ount CooLεε). Judeye is a new genre of music we call “Kali-beat”, in mutual respect/reference to the “Golden State” and to the “Kali-yuga”. Kalibeat is essentially a combination of (but not limited to) Afro-beat, HypHop, Dub/Reggae, Funk, Rock, and Surf. With Lyrics heavily laying in on Occult and Spiritual subject matter.


::Soul RebelLion::

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Track Listing

  1. ninJAH
  2. Go0d Life
  3. in Sense
  4. ZeyeON
  5. Sign of Spirit
  6. AfreeCA
  7. Asar (a Star)
  8. Cabal Lion
  9. what may
  10. Cross ed
  11. (mediated meditation)