Judeye” is the mind child of D’jedi EL Ron (La Ron Johnson) and ¢ount CooLεε (Chris†opher Lloyd Cooley). Chris† and La Ron met while performing at the First Church of Rasta in South Central, after which they found they had a mutual interest in and respect for Magick and Mysticism. This coupled with their combined seemingly ceaseless Energy and Creativity spawned “Judeye”.

Judeye is a new genre of music we call “Kali-beat”, in mutual respect/reference to the “Golden State” and to the “Kali-yuga”. Kalibeat is essentially a combination of (but not limited to) Afro-beat, HypHop, Dub/Reggae, Funk, Rock, and Surf. With Lyrics heavily laying in on Occult and Spiritual subject matter.