Free Mefisto Show in Los Angeles on the Solstice!

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Mefisto will be performing on Tues June 21st @ 5:30pm at the Sunset Triangle (3700 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026) (during the Silver Lake Farmers Market) as part of the Make Music LA festival (which is part of the larger worldwide Make Music Fest!


June 21st – 5:30pm – 3700 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026



New MEFISTO album Kickstarter & Vinyl/CD Pre-sale!

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Check it out and pass it along! Lots of cool prizes! Ends Nov. 25th @ 10pm (PST) Don’t Delay!




Mefisto News ~ “Odd I See” video part 1 is released! New Live Cassette Soon!

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Much Mefisto news. First off, Mefisto has a new Youtube channel, launched with the first of a series of musical journeys called “The Odd I See”. Chapter 1 is available for your viewing and listening pleasure now!

Also in Mefisto news, they have a new Live Audio Cassette release called “Zone Dwellers” to be released within the next couple of weeks. The first of a series of cassettes featuring bootleg live recordings. These will be seperate from, or rather in addition to, studio albums (the new one of which should be recorded later this year). So stay tuned for that, the tape release will be very limited, but it will be available for download as well.

If you need help keeping up to date with Mefisto news, they have a new Twitter account (MefistoMusic777) and a new webpage: www.Mefisto.rocks

and don’t forget to like them on facebook if you haven’t already!


Ouroboros” by Mefisto available now!



New “Mefisto” live band, shows in the Los Angeles area and maybe elsewhere!

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In addition to playing a couple solo acoustic shows in recent months in Portland and Los Angeles, Mefisto, complete with a new rhythm section featuring Dave Alvarado on Bass Guitar and Clinton Cameron on Drums, has been and will be playing some shows in the Los Angeles area. Check in the Mefisto Facebook Page to stay updated on upcoming shows!

Ouroboros” by Mefisto available now!




“Our.oboros” available now! Download today! Vinyl Pre-orders also now available!

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The final masters were cut yesterday for the new Mefisto album “Our.oboros” (ouroboros) over at capsule labs in frogtown Los Angeles… and they are sounding f#*king fantastic! We will start shipping them out in three weeks (9-3-13), but there is a limited quantity of this first pressing, so order yours today to make sure you get one!

If you order through our Bandcamp page you’ll get a free instant digital download as well: http://hyperfirerecords.bandcamp.com/album/our-oboros

or feel free to check out the album in it’s entirety for free today on youtube




New Mefisto Release, On Vinyl, Coming Soon!

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The long awaited new Mefisto album “Our.oboros” (Ouroboros) will be coming out very soon! (most likely next month!) This will be our first release on vinyl as well, and we are working very hard to make it a very nice one. We just received the test pressings, and are still working on jackets/sleeves and any necessary tweaks and such. Due to the nature of the process I cannot yet give you a specific release date, but I can tell you that I will keep the news section here on the site updated, and those of you in the Los Angeles area will be invited to a kickin’ record release party as well! We’re currently contemplating doing a digital pre-release to amp up excitement also (as we are pretty confident that when you hear this record you’re going to dig it).

Ouroboros Test Pressings

I also feel the need to inform you that we’re working on putting together a Live Show for Mefisto and will be announcing show dates for the summer as well.

On that note, have you liked HyperFireRecords and/or Mefisto on Facebook yet? Are you following HFR on Twitter? We would like to keep you posted on upcoming shows and release dates, but help make it easier on us!  If you have any suggestions as to how we might get news to you easier, feel free to leave a comment below or send us a message! Let us know!



12/12/12 is here! NEW album from THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT!

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“The Mystœry Schools” is finally here and available for your listening pleasure! This new album by HFR’s “The Disclosure Project“, over a year in the making, is a Sonic Masterpiece! And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you finally!


You can stream it online for free, or download & burn/trade/whathaveyou for a mere $7! (cheap!)

as an added 12/12/12 BONUS! For any and all friends&fans that PURCHASE the album TODAY (BEFORE MIDNIGHT! 12:00!) we will send you a CD for FREE when they are pressed next month! that includes FREE SHIPPING!

When was the last time you purchased some interesting new music? Let along showed some support to some underground artists… why not do both!

The Mystœry Schools



New Hyper Fire Records page on BandCamp!

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Greetings, Hyper Hyperions… today’s news item includes HFR’s new BandCamp page (currently still in the works, but feel free to check out our progress during the process!) ~> hyperfirerecords.bandcamp.com

On this bandcamp page, which we intend to integrate with the individual album pages on this site, we plan on housing all the most recent & cleanest mastered releases of all Hyper Fire recording artists, which will be available to stream for free or download for cheap, from your computer or smart phone type device whenever and wherever you want! [When you purchase a physical cd, you will also be given a code to download a digital version from the site for free] This means our ‘Out of Print’ albums/records will now become available through the bandcamp site as well!

All full length albums will be available for a mere $7 ea.! All EPs will be available for $4 ea.! And any, ANY individual songs will be available to download for you to take with you and play whenever you want, and give to whoever you want, for a mere $1.00 each!

Each album will continue to be available to stream in sequence in it’s entirety here on the HFR site on the individual album pages for FREE. You only pay if/when you want to download!

We still highly encourage free public trading / torrenting / downloading / etc of any and all of our music. And for those that want to download our albums without paying for them, there are still places they can be found AND our SoundCloud page will continue to be updated with FREE individual tracks to download. (including this week’s new track which will be featured at the bottom of this post)

However, for those of whom are interested in showing a little love/respect/support, it will now be immensely easy to do so. Remember, each dollar you spend is like a vote you cast. Do you want to keep voting for the same corporate swill over and over again? Of course not… So if you find a track or an album or an artist that you dig, why not throw some funds the artist’s way so they know you connected!

ALSO This Week’s new ‘HFR’ F R E E download is now available on SoundCloud, and is by “The Disclosure Project” from the upcoming album “The Mystœry Schools” and features some words by Chris’s much respected teacher/friend/colleague Dr. Stephen A. Hoeller. Check it out!



New Tracks for download up on Sound Cloud, New “Mefisto” video coming soon!

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We have been working on posting a new download track once a week up on the soundcloud page [soundcloud.com/hyperfirerecords<~ follow!] Hasn't been easy to keep up with, so show us some support and let us know you are keeping track(s)!!! Make your own HFR2012 mix cd!!! Also, we've got a new music video from Neptune Films for Mefisto coming out soon! It’s a live acoustic version of one of Mefisto/Chris’s classic songs, check back soon to check it out!

New Mefisto, Judeye, and Disclosure Project albums currently in the works as well! so stay ‘TUNED’!



Hyper Fire on Sound Cloud

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We started a sound cloud page, it’s got a couple of new collaborations Chris did recently posted as well. One with “Entyr” from Olympia WA, and the other with “Love is Heroin” from San Diego CA. Check ‘em out.

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